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How can I ensure a smooth transition to the next generation?

A Chinese proverb claims that claims “wealth cannot last past three generations” may have some substance – 90% of wealthy households fail to continue their family business past the second generation due to of government restrictions, tax implications, and lack of information or planning. Every family is different, and so is every business; a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient to ensure successful and harmonious continuation of the family businesses in the next generation. That’s why we offer a customized approach to family succession that is tailored specifically to your family and business needs. Wealthy & Wise maintains affiliations with outstanding accounting and law firms that can provide the best succession plan for you and your family alone.


Will my descendants remember and honor my values, missions, and philosophy?

Even when equipped with the best education and resources, many successors are overwhelmed and confused when the time to assume leadership within the family business arrives. Wealthy & Wise helps the progenitors of successful and respected families preserve their family's values, history, and virtues. We create guidebooks, videos, and other materials that family members of any age can reference and enjoy. Additionally, we work with each family member to construct a family constitution tailored to your household's unique needs. Combined, the family constitution and history guides provide the next generation with the virtues and guidance they need to ensure a harmonious transition when it comes time for them to assume leadership roles – in the family, or in the family business.

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How can I ensure that my assets grow and last?

A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. To expand and preserve family wealth, staying up to date on the latest investment opportunities is essential. The Wealthy & Wise headquarters in Columbia operates an investment advisory firm with a long track record of successfully investing clients' wealth in promising and fast-growing industries. We believe long-term, diversified, and value-oriented investments are the key to multigenerational prosperity.


How can I give back to society?

Noblesse oblige (French for "nobility obliges") is an ancient concept that contends that great wealth, power, and prestige come with great responsibility. It is also one of the most important ways of strengthening a family's stance in society. Prosperous families can only sustain their success and respectability by giving back to their community. Wealthy & Wise will help you explore various methods of philanthropy. Whether you hope to donate, volunteer, and raise funds and awareness or dream of establishing and managing a charitable foundation, we will help you choose and execute the best strategy of adopting noblesse oblige for you and your family.



How should I educate my children?

The question of how to educate one's children is a subject of great parental interest - and even greater concern. Wealthy & Wise helps its clients find the right institutions for their children around the globe. More importantly, we provide parents with strategies to teach their children responsible financial habits, discover their talents, and shape their career paths. Wealthy & Wise will visit schools and universities with your children and provide them with age-appropriate financial education. With your input, we can help them design a career path that will help them inherit the family business and the responsibility that comes with it.


What other services can Wealthy & Wise provide?

Imagine: You went through the trouble of arranging, paying for, and going on a family trip to an exotic destination, only to find yourself and your family members jostling through a crowd of rowdy tourists. With Wealthy & Wise, family vacations ruined by crowds, lines, and unexpected emergencies will be a thing of the past. We can arrange private yacht trips, connect you with skilled and knowledgeable private tour guides, book state-of-the-art accommodations, and provide you with a unique itinerary that will get you and your family off the beaten path. Whether you're touring vineyards in Tuscany or going on safari in Tanzania, we will take care of the logistics so you and your family can focus on creating priceless memories that will last a lifetime – and intergenerational bonds that will last even longer.



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