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About Us

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Who We Are

As the only member of both the Family Office Exchange (FOX) and its Integrated Wealth Advisor Council (IWAC) with offices in both the United States and South Korea, Wealthy & Wise Family Office is a unique player in the wealth management market. These memberships give our team access to best practices, industry insights, and a network of global peers and enable us to deliver high-quality, world-class services to our clients.


As an independent private company, the Wealthy & Wise Family Office team is committed to providing tailored family office services with unbiased views and strictly abiding by our fiduciary duty to clients. Our goal is to help families effectively manage and grow their wealth, preserve their legacy, and ensure that their financial affairs are well-coordinated and optimized. With our commitment to delivering the highest wealth management services standards, Wealthy & Wise Family Office has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for high-net-worth families internationally.


Our Vision

In recent decades, the global economy has undergone unprecedented transformations that have lifted billions of people from poverty to prosperity. Families and communities worldwide have worked tirelessly throughout these changes to build wealth and assets for future generations.


The time has come for the family founders to enjoy what they have created - and for the next generation to assume responsibility for continuing the legacy of what came before them through professional, responsible, and ethical asset management.


Wealthy & Wise Family Office can provide high-net-worth families with the expertise, guidance, and support they need to effectively preserve the material wealth and intangible legacy built by the first generation. By working closely with each family to understand their unique financial goals and priorities, we can develop a tailored wealth management plan that helps families grow their assets, preserve their legacy, and ensure that their financial affairs are well-coordinated and optimized.


With Wealthy & Wise Family Office, prosperous families can be confident that their wealth and assets will continue to support their long-term financial success and the prosperity of their loved ones and their communities for generations to come.

Our Mission

The team at Wealthy & Wise Family Office is dedicated to helping families address their complex financial and estate planning needs. By providing a comprehensive suite of wealth management services and expertise, Wealthy & Wise Family Office helps families to safeguard their wealth and assets, preserve their legacy, and ensure that these assets are efficiently transferred from one generation to the next.


We recognize the unique challenges that high-net-worth families face and are committed to providing customized, expert guidance and support to help families overcome these challenges and achieve their financial goals. Whether families need guidance to manage investment portfolios, address tax and estate planning issues, or provide wealth transfer strategies, Wealthy & Wise Family Office is here to help families navigate the financial landscape and make informed decisions about their wealth and assets.


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10320 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Suite 930

Columbia, MD 21044, USA

Tel: +1 (808) 427-8434



1003 Bishop St, Suite 2700

Honolulu, HI 96813, USA

Tel: +1 (808) 427-8434



#1101, 26, Yangpyeong-ro 21-gil 26, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel:  +82-2-785-2774


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